Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another SCRG Blogger...really?

I have been thinking many months about starting a blog about my experiences playing roller derby. I have admired Raven Von Kaos and how she was the first one to blog about our league. Her blog Raven n Rollin is a joy to read, it's not always about derby, some times just random stories of what's going on in her life. I think it's wonderful the attention she was able to bring to the league through blogging. I love how she was also taking the time to feature different roller girls from our league. I hope she finds the time to resume this aspect of her blog.

So tonight, I was checking out Killer Vee's blog, Northern California Derby, and making a comment about her featuring our YouTube site there and I saw a good friend of the league Nocklebeast following her blog. I love this guy. He is a devoted photographer who has taken it upon himself to be present at every one of our home bouts taking photos. He gives attention to all aspects of the game and you can see how each game his photos improve more and more. While adding him as a friend, I came across the fact that he was following a blog called Lulu Lockjaw...The Real Deal. I had no idea that Lulu had even started a blog. I immediately clicked over and started reading and loving it.

These two women, leaguemates and just badass derby girls have inspired me to move forward with starting my blog tonight. I love and adore them not only for the way they play the sport but who they are as people. I hope to continue to be inspired by them in life and in derby. I had a moment of, "Do we really need another blogger for SCRG?" My initial reaction was, "No," but the more I thought about it, it became clear to me that it was needed. Every girl sees derby in her own way on the track and off. She brings a different outside experience to it, thus creating a unique league. The connections I have with my friends and family and the values I was raised with are in my own way different than everyone else's. I bring this to the league every day be it at practice, at bouts, at get-togethers, on the forum, on the phone, wherever derby crosses our lives, and trust me it's everywhere. I love that all of us women, with different lives, stories, troubles, loves, what have you come together for one common purpose, derby. I would not be who I am today without everything that has occurred in my life, good and bad, but I sure as hell would not be the woman I am today without derby. Santa Cruz Rollergirls is not just another roller derby league, it's a passion and the women who have created what it is today have given me an experience I will never forget.


  1. Who says we don't need another SCRG blog? Bring 'em on! The more the better!

  2. Well written, Shammy.

    And I think another blogger is just the thing. I mean, I know you ladies change places a lot, but still with Raven, Lulu and now Sham you have the perspective of a Blocker, a Jammer and a Pivot.

    I'm subscribing and I forward to more!

  3. Hey, thanks for the comments Shamrock. It's been a year since bringing a camera to my first SCRG bout. It's a good thing I've improved since then. I remember giving myself a little lecture after throwing out a bunch of over-exposed motion-blur derby shots a year ago, "Look nocklebeast, there's this "EV" setting on your camera. Use it! And could you just... sigh... could you just be more aware of the shutter speed." ;)

  4. I agree with asmodeus (belatedly)! I love the blogging trend. Write some more!