Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Welcome New Bombshells

We welcomed our newest Bombshells last night, I can't divulge the location of where this initiation took place as there are rules against it, actually two rules to be exact but I can tell you good times were had, we drank, we laughed and we heckled. I am so excited about the 2012 season, our team and the energy that is in the air and on the track. With the "veteran" Bombshells and the fresh blood of our newest teammates, I just have an excellent feeling of what we can accomplish. Here's to 2012!

2012 Bombshells Roster:

Angelina Rollie
Candie Hooligan
Cleopatra Catastrophe
Emma S. Enforcer
Foxee Firestorm
Hell Louise
Liv N. Letdie
Inflict Her Pain
Polly Kneesya
Pippi Hardsocking
Queen Litigious
Shamrock N. Roller
Sharon D. Payne
The Kid

Coach - Roxy Scarmichael


  1. And these new Bombshells arrrreee.......????

  2. Emma, The Kid (I think), Sharon D Payne, (Isn't that Inflict Her, wasn't she technically a Bombshell last year) and Polly

  3. Just updated the post with the roster. Inflict Her Pain was not technically a Bombshell last year although she did play a lot of games with them. She maintained being a Hellcat and an alternate for the Bombshells. So in the picture is Emma, The Kid, Sharon, Inflict Her and Polly.

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